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Seduction Cosmetic Center Wows Social Media as Clinic Tops 110,000 Followers on Leading Platform

Miami-based Seduction Cosmetic Center continues to wow on social media as the plastic surgery clinic hits 112,000 followers on leading photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

Now with multiple locations in and around Miami, including a brand new, soon-to-open, state-of-the-art facility promising ultra-modern operating rooms, private preoperative suites, an anti-aging medical spa, and more, Seduction Cosmetic Center has also amassed an incredible following on the web’s largest and most popular photo-sharing platform – Instagram from Facebook.

Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s photos and videos on Instagram regularly attract tens of thousands of likes, views, and comments. Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s profile—@seductioncosmetic—shares a well-received mix of before and after photos, tips and advice, procedural videos, and more. Seduction Cosmetic Center’s surgeons also routinely take to the platform to complete Q&A sessions and answer general queries from interested users.

“Every time I see a video, I get excited!” says a recent comment on one of Seduction Cosmetic Center’s posts. “I can’t wait for my surgery!” says another from a scheduled future Seduction Cosmetic Center patient. “I love it,” says one more, while a fourth adds, “I need a consultation with Seduction Cosmetic Center!”

Established in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, attracting more than one million registered users within just eight weeks. A year later, the photo-sharing application boasted an incredible 10 million users. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the platform now has more than one billion registered users, according to the latest reports.

Seduction Cosmetic Center recently reached its latest milestone on Instagram, topping 100,000—and then quickly 110,000—followers for the first time, all keen to enjoy and comment on the clinic’s pictures and videos. Their popular IGTV channel also regularly attracts thousands of viewers, excited for a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the Miami-based plastic surgery clinic.

A standalone video application produced by Instagram, IGTV allows users such as Seduction Cosmetic Center to upload longer videos compared to those permitted on a traditional Instagram feed, providing a more TV channel-like feel. Basic IGTV functionality is also available directly via the Instagram app and website, allowing both IGTV and Instagram users alike to enjoy Seduction Cosmetic Center’s increasingly popular channel.

With over 2,200 posts, Seduction Cosmetic Center currently has more than 112,000 followers on Instagram. The plastic surgery clinic regularly showcases the work of its board-certified plastic surgeons, including Dr. John Sampson, Dr. Abeer Sawwaf, Dr. True Lansden, Dr. Marco Amarante, and Dr. Abdullah.

First taking to Instagram in July 2012, Seduction Cosmetic Center has subsequently posted to the platform on an almost daily basis for the past eight years. “Our efforts to make genuine and long-lasting connections with patients both new and existing on social media are reflected in the following that we’ve built up online, including among our 100,000 or more Instagram followers,” says a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative.

Seduction Cosmetic Center patients past and present are invited to become what the plastic surgery clinic calls a Seduction Cosmetic Center Seduction Doll. Seduction Cosmetic Center’s Seduction Doll hashtag—#seductiondoll—on Instagram currently boasts around 2,500 posts. The clinic also enjoys a strong following elsewhere online, including on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

To find out how you could become a Seduction Cosmetic Center Seduction Doll, head to or check out Seduction Cosmetic Center on Instagram at

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