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Seduction Cosmetic Center Reveals How to Take Years Off Your Appearance

Plastic surgery experts Seduction Cosmetic Center demonstrate three ways to roll back the years and reverse some of the most common effects of aging.

From facial fat transfer to abdominoplasty, plastic surgery experts Seduction Cosmetic Center reveal a trio of the best ways to roll back the years and potentially take a decade or more off your appearance.

Seduction Cosmetic Center starts with facial fat transfer, designed to build volume. “As you age, your face loses volume,” explains a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative, speaking from the renowned plastic surgery clinic’s Miami, Florida-based headquarters.

Specialized fat transfer, they say, from another part of the body to the face, completed via injection, offers similar benefits to dermal fillers, formulated to temporarily restore volume, but with much more permanent results. “Adding volume back to the face in this manner,” adds a member of the Seduction Cosmetic Center team, “often takes years off a patient’s appearance.”

Also known as fat grafting, facial fat transfer—where fat is typically taken from the back or abdomen—is most commonly used to tackle facial lines and wrinkles. It’s also used for plumping the cheeks, adding volume underneath the eyes, and in the folds between the nose, lips, and chin.

Next, Seduction Cosmetic Center turns to the so-called facelift. Tightening the skin of the face, this popular surgery reveals a youthful vibrancy often disguised by the passage of time, says Seduction Cosmetic Center.

“Further to specialized fat transfer, a facelift remains among the most effective ways to take potentially a decade or more off your appearance,” they add. It is, of course, Seduction Cosmetic Center is keen to stress, a more invasive form of cosmetic surgery, but will allow patients to address issues with their appearance unable to be tackled with, for example, fat grafting alone.

Finally, and third among Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s trio of ways to roll back the years and reverse some of the most common effects of aging, is abdominoplasty.

Away from the face and this time addressing patients’ bodies, abdominoplasty—better known as a tummy tuck—is touted to roll back the years by sculpting a tauter stomach and a slimmer, more youthful profile. “A slimmer profile is another great way to take years off your appearance, above and beyond addressing wrinkles and a loss of volume in the face,” adds one of Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s experts.

The clinic says a tummy tuck is also a great way to address loose skin and weakened muscles in the abdominal area that may have developed following pregnancy or weight loss, over and above aging alone.

Other benefits, Seduction Cosmetic Center reports, in addition to reclaiming a well-toned stomach, include a boost in confidence and the removal of any stretch marks in the immediate area of surgery. “Abdominoplasty is also known,” they add, in closing, “to promote superior posture and bolster the likelihood of success in any ongoing weight management efforts.”

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