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Seduction Cosmetic Center Surgery Recovery Tips

Cosmetic surgery is an exciting milestone for our clients because it marks a drastic improvement in their appearance and overall self-esteem. Naturally, patients want to speed up the recovery process as much as possible so they can get back to their everyday lives in their new and improved bodies!

The surgeons and medical staff at Seduction Cosmetic Center see hundreds of patients every year and help them care for their bodies post-procedure. And while every patient and procedure is different, there are some common practices that can help ease your recovery. These are some of our team’s best tips for a safe and speedy recovery after cosmetic surgery.

Take Your Pain Medication

A lot of people feel like they have to “tough it out” after surgery. But while it’s normal to experience some pain, bruising, and swelling at the site of your surgery, you absolutely do not have to suffer through it. In fact, it can be counterproductive to stop taking your prescribed pain medication too soon. Take your medication as prescribed to ensure that you don’t lengthen your recovery time.

You should also avoid taking holistic or over-the-counter medication because certain combinations can interact badly with your prescribed medication and/or thin your blood, making it more difficult for your blood to clot and your skin to heal.

Don’t Stay Sedentary After 48 Hours Advises Seduction Cosmetic Center

During the first 48 hours after your procedure, you should absolutely get as much rest as possible. Straining yourself too much too soon can result in unnecessary pain, swelling, and bleeding. However, taking it easy doesn’t mean being sedentary says the Seduction Cosmetic Center team. Moving helps your body heal by reducing inflammation and easing soreness.

Every few hours, if you’re feeling up to it, stand and slowly walk around the room. Do some gentle stretching, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Of course, this advice is completely dependent on what type of procedure you had and your condition post-surgery. You don’t want to indulge in any movement that could tear your stitches or damage the work you had done! Always talk to your surgeon about what’s appropriate.

DO Skip the Gym Though

We know we just said that moving is good post-procedure, but you should not engage in strenuous activity for at least a few weeks after your surgery. Running, weightlifting, and other strenuous activities could cause serious damage to your surgical site and ruin all the hard work you and your surgical team have put in up to this point.

Working out increases your blood pressure which increases your chances of heavy bleeding, inflammation, and bruising–you could even open up your incision warns the Seduction Cosmetic Center. Always talk to your surgeon about when it’s safe to go back to your normal workout routine.

Quit Smoking Ahead of Time

If you’re a smoker, you should quit at least 8 weeks before your procedure. This goes for vape users as well because it’s the nicotine that’s the biggest problem. Nicotine causes your blood vessels to constrict, limiting the amount of blood that can flow to your organs, including your skin. Smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen that enters your bloodstream.

You need as much blood flow and oxygen as possible to reduce inflammation and swelling and promote healing. Smoking significantly delays your healing process. And if you’ve had a facial procedure done, the act of smoking itself can pull your stitches or cause additional pain and swelling.

Use Ice Packs and Compression Garments as Directed

Many facial surgeries, including rhinoplasty, facelifts, and eyelid augmentation will require that you apply ice frequently to reduce swelling. Even if you are heavily bandaged, use your ice packs as directed to accelerate your recovery and ensure that the swelling doesn’t adversely affect your procedure.

If you had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or butt lift, you may be required to wear a compression garment for several weeks. They’re not sexy, but they are extremely important for a proper recovery says the Seduction Cosmetic Center. They help control swelling and bruising and they prevent permanent wrinkling and pulling in your skin while promoting skin retraction. Basically, compression garments hold your body in its new shape while it heals.

For flatter, less visible scarring, follow your surgeon’s compression garment instructions to the letter!

Talk To Your Surgeon Openly

Every patient’s body is different, which means your recovery will be different as well. Talk to your surgical team openly about your concerns and don’t be afraid to ask any questions, advises the Seduction Cosmetic Center. We promise we’ve heard it all before!

Follow your post-operative recovery plan as closely as possible and always contact your surgical team if you have any concerns or questions while you recover.

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Seduction Cosmetic Center Reveals How to Take Years Off Your Appearance

Plastic surgery experts Seduction Cosmetic Center demonstrate three ways to roll back the years and reverse some of the most common effects of aging.

From facial fat transfer to abdominoplasty, plastic surgery experts Seduction Cosmetic Center reveal a trio of the best ways to roll back the years and potentially take a decade or more off your appearance.

Seduction Cosmetic Center starts with facial fat transfer, designed to build volume. “As you age, your face loses volume,” explains a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative, speaking from the renowned plastic surgery clinic’s Miami, Florida-based headquarters.

Specialized fat transfer, they say, from another part of the body to the face, completed via injection, offers similar benefits to dermal fillers, formulated to temporarily restore volume, but with much more permanent results. “Adding volume back to the face in this manner,” adds a member of the Seduction Cosmetic Center team, “often takes years off a patient’s appearance.”

Also known as fat grafting, facial fat transfer—where fat is typically taken from the back or abdomen—is most commonly used to tackle facial lines and wrinkles. It’s also used for plumping the cheeks, adding volume underneath the eyes, and in the folds between the nose, lips, and chin.

Next, Seduction Cosmetic Center turns to the so-called facelift. Tightening the skin of the face, this popular surgery reveals a youthful vibrancy often disguised by the passage of time, says Seduction Cosmetic Center.

“Further to specialized fat transfer, a facelift remains among the most effective ways to take potentially a decade or more off your appearance,” they add. It is, of course, Seduction Cosmetic Center is keen to stress, a more invasive form of cosmetic surgery, but will allow patients to address issues with their appearance unable to be tackled with, for example, fat grafting alone.

Finally, and third among Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s trio of ways to roll back the years and reverse some of the most common effects of aging, is abdominoplasty.

Away from the face and this time addressing patients’ bodies, abdominoplasty—better known as a tummy tuck—is touted to roll back the years by sculpting a tauter stomach and a slimmer, more youthful profile. “A slimmer profile is another great way to take years off your appearance, above and beyond addressing wrinkles and a loss of volume in the face,” adds one of Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s experts.

The clinic says a tummy tuck is also a great way to address loose skin and weakened muscles in the abdominal area that may have developed following pregnancy or weight loss, over and above aging alone.

Other benefits, Seduction Cosmetic Center reports, in addition to reclaiming a well-toned stomach, include a boost in confidence and the removal of any stretch marks in the immediate area of surgery. “Abdominoplasty is also known,” they add, in closing, “to promote superior posture and bolster the likelihood of success in any ongoing weight management efforts.”

Seduction Cosmetic Center Reviews

Seduction Cosmetic Center Revisits Crucial Points Surrounding Brazilian Butt Lift Process

Experts from Seduction Cosmetic Center offer a closer look at the process behind Brazilian butt lift surgery.

One of America’s fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures, the number of people seeking a Brazilian butt lift in the U.S. has grown by around 25 percent year-on-year for the past three years, according to the latest figures. A signature of Seduction Cosmetic Center, a leading plastic surgery clinic based in Miami, Florida, the famous and growing chain’s experts provide a closer look at what patients should know about the so-called ‘BBL’ procedure.

“A procedure that augments the buttocks without implants, the BBL is an increasingly popular surgery,” explains a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative.

Taking excess fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and elsewhere via liposuction and injecting it into the buttocks via fat transfer, it’s a surgical procedure coveted by celebrities and members of the public alike, Seduction Cosmetic Center reports. “As with any surgery, there are a number of things, however, which patients considering a Brazilian butt lift should know,” adds the clinic.

First, Seduction Cosmetic Center says, and as above, a ‘BBL’ is not the same as getting butt implants. “It’s far superior, in fact,” suggests Seduction Cosmetic Center. “By combining buttock augmentation and liposuction in one, the surgery has twice the impact, slimming the hips, abdomen, and thighs, and boosting the butt in the process,” they explain.

Next, Seduction Cosmetic Center turns to how long-lasting the enhancement actually is. “Often seen as less long-lasting than implants, because a BBL uses what’s known as fat grafting, grafted fat becomes a physical part of a patient’s body,” reveals Seduction Cosmetic Center’s representative. As such, a Brazilian butt lift, they say, is just as long-lasting as implants.

Seduction Cosmetic Center also touches briefly on recovery as something that patients considering a Brazilian butt lift should know. “Sitting normally will need to be limited for around two weeks post-operation,” advises one of Seduction Cosmetic Center’s experts. “Instead, patients are encouraged to rest on their front or side until the procedure has fully healed,” they point out.

Lastly, Seduction Cosmetic Center turns to the crucial nature of choosing the right surgeon for the job. “A specialized procedure within plastic surgery, an expert hand is called for to achieve the best possible results in terms of a BBL,” suggests the clinic.

Choosing a surgeon, therefore, should involve careful consideration, according to Seduction Cosmetic Center. “Ask to see their previous Brazilian butt lift work, and make sure that all of your questions are answered fully and clearly,” advises the Miami-based plastic surgery clinic, “before proceeding on your BBL journey.”

Operating for over two decades, Seduction Cosmetic Center’s board-certified doctors are experts in a range of popular surgeries, including Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, and more. With locations in Westchester and Coral Gables, Seduction Cosmetic Center is also soon set to inaugurate a further, brand new facility in the Miami area, boasting a wealth of only the most modern and luxurious facilities.

From state-of-the-art operating rooms and numerous private preoperative suites and hospital-grade post-anesthesia recovery areas to a beautiful, anti-aging medical spa, sauna, steam room, and a hair and nail salon, further details of the new location are expected to be announced by Seduction Cosmetic Center in the coming weeks.

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Seduction Cosmetic Center Talks About How A Tummy Tuck Can Improve Your Appearance

A tummy tuck procedure can provide many long-lasting benefits. Below, Seduction Cosmetic Center explains how a tummy tuck can drastically improve your appearance.

As belly fat is one of the leading concerns for many people across the world, millions of them try to find the most effective way to make this fat a distant memory. While there is dieting, exercise and other tactics that people can try, one of the more successful solutions is a tummy tuck surgery. Keep reading to learn what Seduction Cosmetic Center has to say about what a tummy tuck can do for your appearance.

Slimmer look

Obviously, a tummy tuck procedure is done to remove unwanted fat from the midsection. After the procedure is complete, patients notice feeling a lot slimmer. Seduction Cosmetic Center says that this is the leading result of the treatment. And not only can it make your waist look more fit, but it can also make your whole body look smaller and more in shape!

Glowing smile

After a tummy tuck procedure, Seduction Cosmetic Center explains that most patients have a glowing smile that they can’t shake off. Let’s face it, many of these patients were dealing with overweight problems for years and years. That being said, getting rid of all of that weight and negative emotion, that can bring a lot of joy to someone. Once the procedure is complete, Seduction Cosmetic Center says that almost all patients start smiling more and living life with more happiness.

More confidence

While confidence is primarily something you feel, it can also be seen physically. And that is certainly evident in patients after following through with a tummy tuck procedure. Seduction Cosmetic Center says that once patients first set eyes on their new body, they’re blown away. From that day on, these patients exude confidence everywhere they go. From their glowing smiles to even how they walk, the confidence is certainly there at a high level.

Better posture

Seduction Cosmetic Center also mentions that patients typically experience improved posture after a tummy tuck. Since your spine doesn’t have to carry the burden of all that weight found previously in your midsection, getting a boost in your posture is very common.

Improved aura overall

Once a tummy tuck patient goes through with the procedure, Seduction Cosmetic Center also mentions how these individuals have a certain positive aura surrounding them. By feeling happier, more energetic, and more confident, the glowing aura around these patients is pretty evident.

We’re Here For You!

Located in Miami, Florida, Seduction Cosmetic Center is a reputable surgery center that has been operating for over 15 years. With two offices that each include two fully-equipped operating rooms, Seduction Cosmetic Center is here for the personalized cosmetic needs of their patients. Those interested in working with Seduction Cosmetic Center should contact them to schedule an informative consultation appointment.

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Seduction Cosmetic Center Wows Social Media as Clinic Tops 110,000 Followers on Leading Platform

Miami-based Seduction Cosmetic Center continues to wow on social media as the plastic surgery clinic hits 112,000 followers on leading photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

Now with multiple locations in and around Miami, including a brand new, soon-to-open, state-of-the-art facility promising ultra-modern operating rooms, private preoperative suites, an anti-aging medical spa, and more, Seduction Cosmetic Center has also amassed an incredible following on the web’s largest and most popular photo-sharing platform – Instagram from Facebook.

Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s photos and videos on Instagram regularly attract tens of thousands of likes, views, and comments. Seduction Cosmetic Center‘s profile—@seductioncosmetic—shares a well-received mix of before and after photos, tips and advice, procedural videos, and more. Seduction Cosmetic Center’s surgeons also routinely take to the platform to complete Q&A sessions and answer general queries from interested users.

“Every time I see a video, I get excited!” says a recent comment on one of Seduction Cosmetic Center’s posts. “I can’t wait for my surgery!” says another from a scheduled future Seduction Cosmetic Center patient. “I love it,” says one more, while a fourth adds, “I need a consultation with Seduction Cosmetic Center!”

Established in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, attracting more than one million registered users within just eight weeks. A year later, the photo-sharing application boasted an incredible 10 million users. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the platform now has more than one billion registered users, according to the latest reports.

Seduction Cosmetic Center recently reached its latest milestone on Instagram, topping 100,000—and then quickly 110,000—followers for the first time, all keen to enjoy and comment on the clinic’s pictures and videos. Their popular IGTV channel also regularly attracts thousands of viewers, excited for a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the Miami-based plastic surgery clinic.

A standalone video application produced by Instagram, IGTV allows users such as Seduction Cosmetic Center to upload longer videos compared to those permitted on a traditional Instagram feed, providing a more TV channel-like feel. Basic IGTV functionality is also available directly via the Instagram app and website, allowing both IGTV and Instagram users alike to enjoy Seduction Cosmetic Center’s increasingly popular channel.

With over 2,200 posts, Seduction Cosmetic Center currently has more than 112,000 followers on Instagram. The plastic surgery clinic regularly showcases the work of its board-certified plastic surgeons, including Dr. John Sampson, Dr. Abeer Sawwaf, Dr. True Lansden, Dr. Marco Amarante, and Dr. Abdullah.

First taking to Instagram in July 2012, Seduction Cosmetic Center has subsequently posted to the platform on an almost daily basis for the past eight years. “Our efforts to make genuine and long-lasting connections with patients both new and existing on social media are reflected in the following that we’ve built up online, including among our 100,000 or more Instagram followers,” says a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative.

Seduction Cosmetic Center patients past and present are invited to become what the plastic surgery clinic calls a Seduction Cosmetic Center Seduction Doll. Seduction Cosmetic Center’s Seduction Doll hashtag—#seductiondoll—on Instagram currently boasts around 2,500 posts. The clinic also enjoys a strong following elsewhere online, including on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

To find out how you could become a Seduction Cosmetic Center Seduction Doll, head to or check out Seduction Cosmetic Center on Instagram at